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Sail for FREE With Carnival Cruise Lines

Have you thought of cruising?  

Do you think that you can get some friends or family members together for a cruise?

Great news!  Carnival Cruise Lines allows you to earn a free cruise, if you can get 16 people together for a group cruise.

How about a family reunion cruise?  How about your dance club, sports club, art club or church group?  How about a birthday celebration at sea?  If you can pull 16 or more people into 8 cabins, you will earn 1 FREE sailing for every 16 people who pay the full fare.

While the above information on group cruises is standard, there are times when Carnival sweetens the deal.  Now is one of those times.

Here are more details:

1. You must book your group cruise by June 30th.

2. You can only choose select sailings between January 1, 2016 and April 30, 2017.

3. For every 10 people in 5 cabins who pay the full fare, 1 person will go FREE – meaning that he/she will only pay the taxes and port charges.

4. You will not have to make any payments until 120 before a 2-5-day cruise, or 150 days before a 6-9-day cruise.

What should you do now?  Find some people who will sail with you, select a sail date and then check with your Travel Agent to pull this all together for you.  If you do not have an agent, I will be happy to help you.  

Email me at

I hope that you will plan your own Carnival group cruise, save some money, and go have lots of fun.

See you on the high seas!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


All-Inclusive Caribbean Cruises from Miami

The Miami Cruise Port is by far the busiest port for cruise departures to the Caribbean.  While this port sometimes compete with Port Everglades for volume, it continues to dominate.

There are many all-inclusive cruises from Miami to the Caribbean.  In fact, most of the big names in the cruise industry offer Caribbean cruises from Miami.  

Expect to find cruises with Azamara Club Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International.

All-inclusive cruises from Miami are of varying lengths and will get you to many different locations in the Caribbean and the Bahamas.  Find cruises to the Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean, Southern Caribbean, the Bahamas and ports of call in Mexico.

One great thing about cruising from Miami is that the Miami International Airport is very near to the cruise port and many airlines fly into it.  You can travel from just about anywhere in the world to Miami.

If you are searching for all-inclusive cruises from Miami to the Caribbean, you are in for a great treat.  There are just too many from which to choose.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


How Much Will Your Cruise Vacation Cost?

Whenever you mention cruising, one of the first things people want to know – and rightly so – is how much the cruise will cost.  Sadly, some people believe that a cruise vacation is so expensive that they will never be able to cruise.  That is so far from the truth!

You can sometimes find a cruise sailing for less than $200 per person.  Yes, that is so.  How cool is that?

Let me continue.  Your cruise cost depends on several things.  Below are some of those factors...

1. The time of year you choose to sail – Sailing during the summer will cost more than sailing during the fall.

2. The cruise line you sail with – Sailing with Royal Caribbean International will cost more than sailing with Carnival Cruise Line.

3. The number of people you add to one cabin – Fitting 4 people into one cabin will cost less than fitting 4 people into 2 cabins.

4. The size ship you sail with – Sailing on Oasis of the Seas will cost more than if you sail on Enchantment of the Seas.  A larger ship will cost you more than a smaller vessel.

5. The length of your cruise – Taking a 6-day cruise will cost more than 4-day cruise.

Do you get the picture?

If you really want to cruise, get with a travel expert and allow him or her to find you a cruise package that works for you and yours.

Do not stay away from booking a family cruise getaway, because you think it is too expensive.  You may be pleasantly surprised at how easily you can get your family aboard a fun cruise ship vacation.

Go have fun!

How about a 5-day cruise to Cozumel and Progreso for less than $400 per person?  Check out the details here: Cruise Pack Mission Cozumel.

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


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