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Summer 2016 Vacation Plans - What Are Yours?

Our children have been on summer break now for almost two weeks.  Incredible!  

It seemed like just yesterday that they were so jubilant that summer was here and now two weeks have flown by.

For those of you in the northeast or elsewhere, school is still in.  But before long, your kids will also be out.

What are your summer 2016 vacation plans?

Yes, summer has arrived for us the South.  How about you?  How much longer to summer break do you have?  And, what plans do you have for your kids?

We normally take a week to get away during summer.  This year, that week will be at the end of June.  We will be flying to Montego Bay, Jamaica for an all-inclusive resort family getaway.

I must admit that I would prefer to be going on a cruise, but this year we will do something different.  If fact, we have already been on a cruise this year (sailed from New Orleans to Cozumel and Progreso in Mexico in February).

The trip to Jamaica promises to be great fun.  We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Resort, which is quite family-friendly and which recently underwent millions of dollars in renovations.  Twelve of us are making this trip and we hope to spend quite a bit of time on the beach, much time enjoying the Jamaican cuisine and we will take a day to check out one or two attractions in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios.

How are the plans going at your house?  What are some of the things you normally do?  If you have never tried a getaway – a cruise – for example, you should think about it.  

You can sometimes find last minute cruises at decent rates.

If not a cruise, I hope that you are planning something else.  Have you considered a beach trip?  How about an all-inclusive resort?  You may even do a hike somewhere or visit an amusement park.

With summer upon us, it is time to get some plans for the kids.  If you need help, I’ll be happy to assist.  You may reach me at

Whatever you do, I hope that you will make your summer 2016 vacation plans super.  

Go have fun!

Peter Grant
Petes Travel Center


What An Amazing Tourist Destination! 

Here is a Caribbean destination that is simply perfect - a true tropical paradise – and it offers packages for all budgets.

Which Caribbean country am I talking about?

1.  This tourist destination has the most number of international airports in the Caribbean – 7.

2.  This country has 28 golf courses designed by top names in the industry.

3.  This hot tourist spot has the only subway system in the Caribbean.

4.  This country is home to 40 brands of cigars.

5.  The country welcomes more tourists than any other Caribbean country.

6.  This country boasts sixteen (16) national parks and many lush forests.

7.  The country saw nearly a 4% growth in visitors in 2013, compared to 1% elsewhere.

8.  This country offers a rich experience of “Old World” meeting “New World.”

9.  This country makes up two-thirds of the second largest island in the Caribbean.

Which country is it? 

If you said the Dominican Republic, then you are correct.  Tourists from North America and Europe continue to flock to this Caribbean paradise year after year.

Will you visit the Dominican Republic?

Peter Grant


All-Inclusive Resorts: Club Riu Ocho Rios – Jamaica

The next best vacation to a cruise getaway is an all-inclusive resort getaway.  

If you are considering a family vacation this fall or next summer, consider the Club Riu Ocho Rios Resort in Jamaica.

This resort is all-inclusive, which means you pay one price and get all your meals, accommodations, amenities and some entertainment included.

The Riu Ocho Rios is a 40-minute drive from the nearest airport (Montego Bay International Airport), but it is worth your time.  Most of the past guests of this resort recommend it as a place to be and give it an “Excellent” or “Very Good” rating. 

TripAdvisor ranks it 12th out of 39 hotels in the Ocho Rios area.

I strongly believe that your family will enjoy its stay at this all-inclusive property.  Go have fun and share your experience.

You may check for amazing resort rates at: FunJet Vacations.

Peter Grant


Still Not Sure Which Summer Vacation To Book?

Believe it or not, it is April and before you know it, summer will be here.  

Have you booked your summer vacation yet?  If you haven’t, then you need to get to it.

Most people take their annual vacation during the summer.  Hence, prices are at their highest during the summer months.  Cruises, airfares, resorts, and vacation rentals all experience price hikes during this time of year.  The best way to beat this is with good planning.

It may be a little late for some things but you may still get lucky, especially with a last minute cruise deal.

Here are some helpful tips about booking summer vacations:

1.  If you are traveling overseas, book your airfare three (3) months or earlier before your desired departure date.

2.  If you are flying domestic, book your airfare about 6 – 8 weeks out.

3.  If your plans involve a hotel/resort and flying, always seek for a combo package.  It will save you money.

4.  As much as is possible, avoid booking a vacation that includes Memorial Day or Independence Day.  If you must travel during those times, prepare to spend a little extra.

5.  If you are booking a cruise for summer, you should do that

6.  If you live in the northeast or elsewhere schools re-open after Labor Day, look for a cruise package for late August.  The deals then can be super!

7.  Save!  Save!  Save!

I really hope that you are able to take the family away this summer.  Go have fun!

If you need any help with vacation planning, I’ll be delighted and honored to help.  Reach me at

Have you booked your summer vacation yet?  Get to it!

Peter Grant

McDonough, GA


Thinking of the Beach for Summer?

As spring settles in and spring turns into summer, many Americans and people worldwide will be heading to the beach.  Are you thinking of the beach for summer?

The attached photo is one of my daughter, Eliana, enjoying the Governor’s Beach on Grand Turk of the Turks & Caicos Islands.  This was our fourth and last port of call on a Crown Princess cruise two Novembers ago.  You may be able to tell from the photo that Eliana loves the water.

As a family, we love the water and enjoy going to the beach.  That is one reason we look forward to cruising, because we normally get to visit at least two beaches on a cruise vacation.

How about you?  Do you love the beach?  Do you have a favorite beach?  To be frank, I love the beaches in the Caribbean.  As for beaches in the United States (those that I’ve visited), I prefer those on the Gulf of Mexico side.

So, are you thinking of the beach this summer?  Which one will you visit? 

The fact is that there are many beaches from which to choose.  There are also many family-friendly resorts to go along with the beaches.  Plan well in advance and get some help finding an affordable and exciting family getaway package.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


Plan Your Bahamas Vacation Elsewhere

Whenever people think about a Bahamas vacation, they are thinking of either a cruise ship vacation to one or two islands, or a planned stay at a resort on Nassau or Paradise Island.

The most popular resorts in the Bahamas are either on Nassau or Paradise Island.  While that is good, there is an issue.  The fact that most people may visit the Atlantis, Riu Paradise Island, or Wyndham Resort, the prices tend to be outrageous.

There is a better way…  You can enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas – its beaches, natural paradise and provisions for many fun activities without visiting Nassau or Paradise Island.

There is another great tourist getaway in the Bahamas on the Grand Bahamas Island.  You might have heard of Freeport or Lucaya.  That is the main tourist area on this island and it is fast becoming quite popular.

Similar to all the fun you have elsewhere in the Bahamas, you will find the same things here, except for the Atlantis.  There is also one popular resort that you must consider for your Bahamas vacation – the Grand Lucayan.  You will be happy with the price you pay here, plus all the fun things you get to do.  Learn more about the Grand Bahama Island and the Grand Lucayan here:

Plan your next Bahamas vacation elsewhere besides Nassau and Paradise Island.  Save plus have an equal amount of fun.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


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