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One Thing You Must Do in Nassau, Bahamas

Every year, millions of people visit Nassau, Bahamas on cruise ships.  We have visited the island some four different times on four different cruise ships.

Whenever you arrive in the port, you will find a handful of cruise liners and others will dock after you arrive.  Nassau is certainly a popular place and attracts many visitors.

There are many things to do when you get there, but there is one thing you must do in Nassau – take a tour of the island.  You do not need to book the tour on your ship.  It is less expensive if you leave the ship, and walk along the pier to the area where many taxi and tour operators wait to get your business.

Always ensure that you book your tour through the information desk or with a uniformed operator to ensure legitimacy.  You will find that your tour rate is better when booked on your own than on the ship.  Always travel with others from your ship or one of the other ships in the port.

Ask to be taken on a tour of the island that includes a visit inland to where the natives live, a stop at the Atlantis and the beach on Paradise Island.  The tour operator may leave you at the beach or the Atlantis, from which you can catch an inexpensive taxi ride back to the pier.

Touring Nassau is a great way to get a feel of the place, to see the reality of the natives and to better appreciate the island.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant

McDonough, GA


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