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Cruise Lines' Private Bahamian Island Resorts

Did you know that the top Caribbean cruise lines own private Bahamian island resorts?  Well, if you did not, now you do.

Cruise lines such as Carnival, Disney Cruises, Holland America, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International have multiple cruise itineraries to the Bahamas year-round.  The fact is the islands of the Bahamas are very close to south Florida, have great weather all year, and are a major magnet for vacationers.

Consequently, it makes sense to have pieces of prime property where certain specialties can be offered to cruise passengers.

Cruise lines' private Bahamian island resorts are used largely as beach stops.  Each island has nicely carved out beach spots, as well as a ton of other activities for cruise passengers.

Expect to find adult-only fun areas, as well as those for the entire family. You will also have a chance at many water equipment and sports such as parasailing and jet-skiing.

Finally, the private Bahamian island resorts are set up to provide you with an enjoyable Caribbean-style lunch - a hearty bite, while you enjoy the Caribbean Sea.  You will also find vendors on the islands.

So, what are the Caribbean Cruise lines' private Bahamian islands?  Carnival shares ownership of the Half Moon Cay with Holland America.  Disney owns Castaway Cay.  Norwegian owns Great Stirrup Cay. 
Princess Cruises owns Princess Cays.  Royal Caribbean owns CocoCay (Coco Cay).

Expect a ton load of fun, if you book a cruise that includes one of these island resorts.

Note: Above photo was taken on Princess Cays by yours truly.

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Cruising Is Affordable: Some Carnival Cruise Prices for May

While cruising offers the best value in terms of a package deal for families, many people think twice about booking a family cruise vacation.  
The biggest fear is that it costs too much.

However, if you compare the price for a cruise ticket and all the things included: accommodations, food, activities, entertainment, plus visiting new places with the price for a land vacation, you will conclude that cruising is a great value.

Admittedly, if you attempt to sail during the summer when everyone else is cruising, you will pay more than at other times.

However, if you choose a Carnival cruise package, you will often come out a winner.  Carnival Cruise Line is known for its efforts to make cruising available to people of all backgrounds.

Below are some Carnival cruise prices for May.  If you can drive to a cruise port, this will save you tons of dollars on travel as airfares tend to get out of hand.

Sample 1 – Prices Include Taxes & Port Charges

3-day Cruise from Miami to The Bahamas on May 29th

Fares for 2 people per cabin start under $760.

Fares for 3 people per cabin start under $980.

Sample 2 – Prices Include Taxes & Port Charges

4-day Cruise from Port Canaveral (near Orlando) to 2 Stops in The Bahamas on May 17th

Fares for 2 people per cabin start under $780.

Fares for 3 people per cabin start under $970.

You may search for more family cruise vacation options for May by clicking here.

I hope that you will go have fun, now that you realize that if choose the right time, cruising is affordable and is a great value for your family.

Bon voyage!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


Plan Your Bahamas Vacation Elsewhere

Whenever people think about a Bahamas vacation, they are thinking of either a cruise ship vacation to one or two islands, or a planned stay at a resort on Nassau or Paradise Island.

The most popular resorts in the Bahamas are either on Nassau or Paradise Island.  While that is good, there is an issue.  The fact that most people may visit the Atlantis, Riu Paradise Island, or Wyndham Resort, the prices tend to be outrageous.

There is a better way…  You can enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas – its beaches, natural paradise and provisions for many fun activities without visiting Nassau or Paradise Island.

There is another great tourist getaway in the Bahamas on the Grand Bahamas Island.  You might have heard of Freeport or Lucaya.  That is the main tourist area on this island and it is fast becoming quite popular.

Similar to all the fun you have elsewhere in the Bahamas, you will find the same things here, except for the Atlantis.  There is also one popular resort that you must consider for your Bahamas vacation – the Grand Lucayan.  You will be happy with the price you pay here, plus all the fun things you get to do.  Learn more about the Grand Bahama Island and the Grand Lucayan here:

Plan your next Bahamas vacation elsewhere besides Nassau and Paradise Island.  Save plus have an equal amount of fun.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


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