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Carnival Cruise Line’s Age Policy Easier for Cruising Minors

Carnival Cruise Line does not have the biggest cruise ships on the high seas, but its Fun Ships are packed with excitement and its prices are usually the best.

Now, Carnival goes a step further and makes changes to its age policy on cruising minors.  The following are some things to note.  For additional information, see your Travel Agent.

1.  Guests must be 21 to travel alone, with some exceptions.  These exceptions include married couples younger than 21 years old and military personnel.  See an agent for more info.

2.  Previously, guests under 21 had to travel with a relative or legal guardian 25 or older.  Now, guests not yet 21 can travel with a guardian who is not related.  At the time of booking, the cabins must be linked.  See your agent for more information.

3.  Previously, most minors under 21 had to room with parents, across the hall, or in a cabin next door.  Now, only minors 12 and under must be across the hall or next door.  Guests 18 – 20 may be anywhere on the ship, while 12 to 17 may be up to 3 cabins away.

It is encouraging that Carnival has added greater flexibility to how parents/guardians and their children may be situated on their ships.  Before you book, get all the facts on the age requirements.

One key thing to note for those minors traveling without a legal guardian or relative, the guardian on the ship is urged to travel with an originally signed letter from the parent/guardian giving the minor permission to travel.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant


Galveston Inclusive Cruises

For those people who live the populous state of Texas or other states nearby, you are blessed with a very active cruise port in Galveston, Texas.  

You will be happy to know that you can find year-round cruises from this port in southern Texas to several locations.

The two major cruise lines which offer Galveston inclusive cruises are Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International.  These cruise lines sail to popular ports in Mexico, as well as the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

Ports of call visited from Galveston include Costa Maya, Progreso and Cozumel, all in Mexico.  Other ports of call are Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands; Falmouth, Jamaica; Key West, Florida; Freeport and Nassau, Bahamas; Roatan, Honduras and Belize City, Belize.  These are all super places to visit.

What itineraries are available from Galveston?  You can expect to find 4-day, 5-day and 7-day cruises offered by Carnival.  You can also find 6-day and 7-day cruises offered by Royal Caribbean.

If you live near the south Texas area, your first choice for finding a family cruise vacation should be one of several Galveston inclusive cruises.

Happy sailing!

Peter Grant


Sail for FREE With Carnival Cruise Lines

Have you thought of cruising?  

Do you think that you can get some friends or family members together for a cruise?

Great news!  Carnival Cruise Lines allows you to earn a free cruise, if you can get 16 people together for a group cruise.

How about a family reunion cruise?  How about your dance club, sports club, art club or church group?  How about a birthday celebration at sea?  If you can pull 16 or more people into 8 cabins, you will earn 1 FREE sailing for every 16 people who pay the full fare.

While the above information on group cruises is standard, there are times when Carnival sweetens the deal.  Now is one of those times.

Here are more details:

1. You must book your group cruise by June 30th.

2. You can only choose select sailings between January 1, 2016 and April 30, 2017.

3. For every 10 people in 5 cabins who pay the full fare, 1 person will go FREE – meaning that he/she will only pay the taxes and port charges.

4. You will not have to make any payments until 120 before a 2-5-day cruise, or 150 days before a 6-9-day cruise.

What should you do now?  Find some people who will sail with you, select a sail date and then check with your Travel Agent to pull this all together for you.  If you do not have an agent, I will be happy to help you.  

Email me at

I hope that you will plan your own Carnival group cruise, save some money, and go have lots of fun.

See you on the high seas!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


All-Inclusive Caribbean Cruises from Miami

The Miami Cruise Port is by far the busiest port for cruise departures to the Caribbean.  While this port sometimes compete with Port Everglades for volume, it continues to dominate.

There are many all-inclusive cruises from Miami to the Caribbean.  In fact, most of the big names in the cruise industry offer Caribbean cruises from Miami.  

Expect to find cruises with Azamara Club Cruises, Carnival Cruise Line, Costa Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International.

All-inclusive cruises from Miami are of varying lengths and will get you to many different locations in the Caribbean and the Bahamas.  Find cruises to the Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean, Southern Caribbean, the Bahamas and ports of call in Mexico.

One great thing about cruising from Miami is that the Miami International Airport is very near to the cruise port and many airlines fly into it.  You can travel from just about anywhere in the world to Miami.

If you are searching for all-inclusive cruises from Miami to the Caribbean, you are in for a great treat.  There are just too many from which to choose.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


Cruising Is Affordable: Some Carnival Cruise Prices for May

While cruising offers the best value in terms of a package deal for families, many people think twice about booking a family cruise vacation.  
The biggest fear is that it costs too much.

However, if you compare the price for a cruise ticket and all the things included: accommodations, food, activities, entertainment, plus visiting new places with the price for a land vacation, you will conclude that cruising is a great value.

Admittedly, if you attempt to sail during the summer when everyone else is cruising, you will pay more than at other times.

However, if you choose a Carnival cruise package, you will often come out a winner.  Carnival Cruise Line is known for its efforts to make cruising available to people of all backgrounds.

Below are some Carnival cruise prices for May.  If you can drive to a cruise port, this will save you tons of dollars on travel as airfares tend to get out of hand.

Sample 1 – Prices Include Taxes & Port Charges

3-day Cruise from Miami to The Bahamas on May 29th

Fares for 2 people per cabin start under $760.

Fares for 3 people per cabin start under $980.

Sample 2 – Prices Include Taxes & Port Charges

4-day Cruise from Port Canaveral (near Orlando) to 2 Stops in The Bahamas on May 17th

Fares for 2 people per cabin start under $780.

Fares for 3 people per cabin start under $970.

You may search for more family cruise vacation options for May by clicking here.

I hope that you will go have fun, now that you realize that if choose the right time, cruising is affordable and is a great value for your family.

Bon voyage!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


Interesting Things To Know About Carnival Cruise Line

If you are considering a cruise vacation for the first time ever, I encourage you to sail with Carnival Cruise Line.  Carnival offers a fleet of “Fun Ships,” equipped to ensure that you have a fun time at sea.

Here are some interesting things to know about Carnival Cruise Line:

1.      Carnival currently has plans to spruce up all its ships via the program Fun Ship 2.0.  This program will add more features that passengers enjoy – amazing waterworks, an expanded sports-square, more dining options, better bar experiences, an adult-only area, etc.

2.      Whereas prior to 9/11 Carnival largely sailed out of Florida, the cruise line now offers sailings from 15 different US homeports.

3.      Most people in the United States looking for a Carnival cruise are within a 5-hour driving distance from a Carnival ship.

4.      Carnival welcomes 80,000 passengers each week onboard its ships – 4.5 million fun-lovers per year.

5.      The company has a fleet of 24 Fun Ships.

6.      Carnival ships sail to the most desirable destinations – Alaska, Australia, Bahamas, Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, New England, New Zealand and the Panama Canal.

7.      If you have traveled with Carnival or on any of her sister cruise lines, you are entitled to the past guest rate on any other line within the company.  Other cruise lines owned by Carnival’s parent company (Carnival Corporation) include: Costa, Cunard, Holland America, Princess and Seaward.

8.      Carnival is known for its spacious staterooms.  Not many other cruise lines can brag about offering more cabin space.

9.      Carnival Cruise Line continues to outdo the competition in pricing for cruise packages.  You can generally expect to spend less on a cruise package booked with Carnival than with any other cruise line.

10.  Carnival offers the Great Vacation Guarantee.  This program promises to refund you 110 percent the price of your cruise, if within 24 hours of leaving your U.S. homeport you decide that the cruise is not for you.  (Certain restrictions apply.  Check with your travel professional for details.)

You are guaranteed to have a fun time at sea on any Carnival cruise ship.  I hope you will plan your cruise vacation today.  Call your travel agent.

Bon Voyage!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


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