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Princess Cruises Honors Military Personnel

If you are in some way related to the military in United States or Canada, Princess Cruises appreciates your service and honors you onboard their beautiful cruise ships.

How does Princess Cruises honor the military?

They offer onboard credit worth up to $250 to active, veteran and retired military personnel on any cruise year-round.  Wow!

The amount of credit that one receives depends on the length of the cruise.  For example, for 6-day or shorter cruises, the credit is $50 per person.  On 7-13 day cruise the credit is $100 per person, and $250 per person on longer cruises.

How can the onboard credit be spent?

The credit may be used on things such as specialty dining, shopping and shore excursions.  It cannot be used in the casino or for gratuities.

How do military personnel get this onboard credit?

You must apply for the credit at least 14 days before your ship’s departure.  Get with your Travel Agent who will tell you what you need to present as proof of service.

It is commendable that Princess Cruises honors military personnel in this way.  If you know someone who deserves this honor, pass along the information and let them go enjoy it.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant


Buffet Dining Onboard the Crown Princess

Cruise ship dining comes with many options and such is the case on the beautiful Crown Princess.

One may choose to visit one’s assigned formal dining room for all three meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner.  One may request room service, which is complimentary.  One may visit a specialty restaurant for dinner – a steakhouse.  One may grab a bite from the grill or pizzeria.  One may even catch breakfast, lunch or a snack from the International Café, or one may go buffet style dining on the Crown Princess.

Here is the best part - except for specialty restaurants and probably minor charges at a cafe, your cruise ship dining options are covered by your cruise fare.  How cool is that?

Eat all you want!  

Now back to Crown Princess and buffet dining...

You will notice in the attached photo that the buffet restaurant is nicely decorated and furnished.  You may choose to have breakfast, lunch, tea (between lunch and dinner) and dinner in the Horizon Buffet Restaurant on the Lido Deck.  You are guaranteed no shortage of food and a wide variety from which to choose.

You will also be pleased with the service.  Many crew members wait around to serve you beverages, clear your table and help with any other requests.

The waitress you see in the photo was very kind to my family.  She even gave me a hug on the last morning of our Crown Princess cruise.

If you want to get away from the formal setting at any time during of the day, consider going buffet style dining onboard the Crown Princess.

Go have fun on the high seas!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA


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