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We Toured Sedona, Arizona On Vacation

One of the highlights of our Arizona vacation was a tour of Sedona.  This is actually a well-known city located in hilly terrain not far from Flagstaff.

Before leaving home for Arizona, we checked Groupon for activity deals and found a tour deal costing $57 for four people (local taxes added at the site).  The tour was with a company called the Red Rock Magic Trolley. 

Our tour started out with a cookie and a bottle of water being given to each rider.  

There was a driver and guide.  They took turns sharing interesting information about Sedona and pointing out points of interests, including amazing rock formations.  There was a lizard having lunch from one angle and then lunch was all gone from another angle.  Cool!

Some interesting things we learned about Sedona included:

1. The city was named after a lady, who married a man of whom her family did not approve.

2. The city’s population is comprised mainly of people over 50 years old.

3. Sedona goes from fall to spring temperatures, with winter temperatures reaching about 55 degrees.

4. Sedona was once home to a Western town, in which several Westerns were filmed featuring popular stars like John Wayne.

5. Several Hollywood celebrities are said to have homes in Sedona, which is about a day’s drive from Los Angeles.

6. Sedona is home to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, a unique chapel nestled in the hillside and a place where people may stop to pray.

7. Real estate in Sedona is quite expensive.

The city is known for its red rocks and soil.  Many people rent jeeps and take rides into the rugged terrain.  From observation, it is a well-kept city, quite clean, with authentic foods and other things to enjoy.

Plan to visit, next time you are in Arizona.

Peter Grant


Do Not Book Your Flight and Hotel Separately

Can you feel the cool air slowly flowing in?  Can you see the hours of daylight getting shorter?  

Yes, summer time is slowly fading away making room for fall and the dreaded cold of winter.

To minimize the dread you feel, begin now to plan your next summer vacation.  That is really great!  After all the work you will do to get through that brutal winter, you will need to get away.

Now, there is one thing you must know if you are planning to fly to a hotel somewhere – do not book your flight and hotel separately.

Some families are used to buying airfare from one travel vendor and their hotel from another.  There are instances where a particular travel supplier only sells one or the other.  

The truth is that you will generally save some money when you book flight and hotel/resort together.  Here’s an example: my wife is traveling this fall with a group to Jamaica.  When I checked my travel partners, I found that if I booked the resort and flight separately for her, she will pay more than $1,400.  However, if I booked them together, she will pay $1,200.  Now, which one would you choose?

I know you may be tempted to buy where you have always bought your individual travel products.  But, you can do yourself some good and at least compare the prices elsewhere before you book.  How about that?

Travel is fun and can be expensive.  But, you can save, if you know how to search.  By the way, consider using a Travel Agent to get you the best deals.

Happy travels and stay warm this winter, thinking about your next summer escape.

Peter Grant


Still Not Sure Which Summer Vacation To Book?

Believe it or not, it is April and before you know it, summer will be here.  

Have you booked your summer vacation yet?  If you haven’t, then you need to get to it.

Most people take their annual vacation during the summer.  Hence, prices are at their highest during the summer months.  Cruises, airfares, resorts, and vacation rentals all experience price hikes during this time of year.  The best way to beat this is with good planning.

It may be a little late for some things but you may still get lucky, especially with a last minute cruise deal.

Here are some helpful tips about booking summer vacations:

1.  If you are traveling overseas, book your airfare three (3) months or earlier before your desired departure date.

2.  If you are flying domestic, book your airfare about 6 – 8 weeks out.

3.  If your plans involve a hotel/resort and flying, always seek for a combo package.  It will save you money.

4.  As much as is possible, avoid booking a vacation that includes Memorial Day or Independence Day.  If you must travel during those times, prepare to spend a little extra.

5.  If you are booking a cruise for summer, you should do that

6.  If you live in the northeast or elsewhere schools re-open after Labor Day, look for a cruise package for late August.  The deals then can be super!

7.  Save!  Save!  Save!

I really hope that you are able to take the family away this summer.  Go have fun!

If you need any help with vacation planning, I’ll be delighted and honored to help.  Reach me at

Have you booked your summer vacation yet?  Get to it!

Peter Grant

McDonough, GA


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