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The Westin New York Hotel at Times Square

If you are traveling to New York City sometime soon, you should consider the Westin New York at Times Square.  

As the name suggests, the hotel is located quite near to the popular Times Square.

The Westin is a 4 star hotel with a restaurant, fitness center and Wi-Fi.  Its actual location is: 270 West 43rd Street, At 8th Avenue, New York City, NY 10036 (Manhattan).

While I have noticed that someone spoke disapprovingly of the staff, most people who have stayed at this hotel gives it an “Excellent” or “Very Good” rating.  It is ranked 148th of 447 hotels in New York City on TripAdvisor. 

In addition, 81% of those who stayed at the Westin New York at Times Square recommend it as a place to stay, and it received the 2013 Certificate of Excellence.

With all things considered, the Westin sounds like a great place to stay.  As far as prices go, expect to pay about $300 per night which is common for New York City hotels.

Happy travels!

Peter Grant


Princess Cruises Honors Military Personnel

If you are in some way related to the military in United States or Canada, Princess Cruises appreciates your service and honors you onboard their beautiful cruise ships.

How does Princess Cruises honor the military?

They offer onboard credit worth up to $250 to active, veteran and retired military personnel on any cruise year-round.  Wow!

The amount of credit that one receives depends on the length of the cruise.  For example, for 6-day or shorter cruises, the credit is $50 per person.  On 7-13 day cruise the credit is $100 per person, and $250 per person on longer cruises.

How can the onboard credit be spent?

The credit may be used on things such as specialty dining, shopping and shore excursions.  It cannot be used in the casino or for gratuities.

How do military personnel get this onboard credit?

You must apply for the credit at least 14 days before your ship’s departure.  Get with your Travel Agent who will tell you what you need to present as proof of service.

It is commendable that Princess Cruises honors military personnel in this way.  If you know someone who deserves this honor, pass along the information and let them go enjoy it.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant


Traveling Opens Your Eyes to Ingenuity Elsewhere

I certainly wish that everyone had a chance to travel.  It has been said that you have not lived, until you have traveled.

Many people are blessed to visit new places, meet new people and try new experiences, but some are not.  

For those who have not traveled, I urge you to make it a goal to leave what you are used to and visit at least one new place.

You will find that traveling opens your eyes to ingenuity and to so much more elsewhere.

Take for instance the attached photo.  You may not see a “taxi” sign, but would you believe that this is a taxi in St. Thomas?  Do you also notice that it is a Chevy pickup truck?  It certainly is.  We use those trucks in the United States to move loads.  However in St. Thomas, and on other islands, they convert those trucks and similar ones such as Ford 250’s into taxis which can carry several people at once.

How ingenious!

I also recall visiting Samana, Dominican Republic and rode in a taxi comprised of seats and a covering attached to a motorbike.  Picture a motorbike that carries two people, having seats and a covering for 4 or more people.

Traveling helps us to see new ways of doing things and meeting people, who while similar to us in many ways, are geniuses in their own rights.

Plan to travel.  Plan to see outside your world.

Happy travels!

Peter Grant

McDonough, GA


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