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Carnival Cruise Line Is The Winner!

If you have never cruised, I want to encourage you to give it shot.  I believe that you will discover that cruising is really a fantastic way to spend a vacation.

Whenever you decide to cruise, there will be many options in cruise lines from which to choose.  However, I want to make a particular recommendation.

If you are cruising for the first time, try Carnival Cruise Lines.  Their emphasis is “fun” for all; hence their ships are called “Fun Ships.”  You will find that there is something for people of all age groups to do onboard.

If you want a cruise line that offers the best prices on cruise packages, go with Carnival.  Dollar for dollar, they consistently offer the best rates at sea.

If you are looking to sail at any time to the Caribbean, try Carnival.  They offer several year-round itineraries to Caribbean ports of call.

If you want a cruise line that visits any area of the Caribbean, try Carnival.  You will find itineraries to the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean islands, as well as to the Bahamas and Mexico ports.

Worried about what your kids will do?  Carnival has one of the best youth programs at sea.

Are you new to cruising?  Carnival Cruise Lines will welcome you with open arms and give you a great time at sea.

By the way, if you are interested in joining an already established group cruise booking in July, see my website for a 7-day cruise to the south-eastern Caribbean.  Here is the link:  It would be great to have you join me.

Whichever Carnival cruise you choose to do, go have fun, and I hope to see you on the high seas.

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA



08/17/2015 5:50am

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