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Have Tried Exploring Any Disney Park?

Have you been to Disney World in Orlando or Disneyland out west?  Have you explored all of any one Disney park?

We have been to Disney World in Orlando twice and each time had the plan to explore all of one park per day.  On our first trip, when we tried to get a feel for the place and did park hopping.  It was understandable that we did not see everything at any of the parks.

However, on the second visit we bought one ticket per park.  We should have simply started from where we left off on the first trip so that we could finish the park, but that did not happen.

We got in, remembered the fun we had at certain attractions and went to them again.  Before long, we realized that the day was almost over and we still did not see everything.  One thing which was certain was that we were pretty exhausted in the end.

How about you?  Have you explored all of any one Disney park?  Is that even possible?

If you haven’t been to Disney World, I hope that you will plan to.  The ticket prices continue to climb, but you should save for a period of time and give your kids this experience.  You both will enjoy it.

By the way, in an effort to save money on any Orlando vacation consider visiting one Disney park per visit and add other less expensive attractions.  Did you know that for about the price of one Disney World ticket you can get access to two SeaWorld parks? 

Think about it and check it out…

Whatever you do, go have fun with !

Peter Grant



06/15/2017 8:49pm

thank you great information

06/15/2017 8:50pm

thanks for the great info

06/15/2017 8:50pm

thanks you

06/15/2017 8:50pm

thanks you given best info

06/15/2017 8:51pm

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Disney park is famous in all over the world and it also good for kids and family. Many more families comes here to enjoy wit family. Tickets ate cheap so we should go out which peoples live near by the park.

08/27/2017 6:41pm

Just right after reading this post, I got a new idea. Thanks, it's really inspiring!

09/04/2017 9:01am

I have never been at such park. But I'd like to go there so much!


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