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Plan Your Bahamas Vacation Elsewhere

Whenever people think about a Bahamas vacation, they are thinking of either a cruise ship vacation to one or two islands, or a planned stay at a resort on Nassau or Paradise Island.

The most popular resorts in the Bahamas are either on Nassau or Paradise Island.  While that is good, there is an issue.  The fact that most people may visit the Atlantis, Riu Paradise Island, or Wyndham Resort, the prices tend to be outrageous.

There is a better way…  You can enjoy the beauty of the Bahamas – its beaches, natural paradise and provisions for many fun activities without visiting Nassau or Paradise Island.

There is another great tourist getaway in the Bahamas on the Grand Bahamas Island.  You might have heard of Freeport or Lucaya.  That is the main tourist area on this island and it is fast becoming quite popular.

Similar to all the fun you have elsewhere in the Bahamas, you will find the same things here, except for the Atlantis.  There is also one popular resort that you must consider for your Bahamas vacation – the Grand Lucayan.  You will be happy with the price you pay here, plus all the fun things you get to do.  Learn more about the Grand Bahama Island and the Grand Lucayan here:

Plan your next Bahamas vacation elsewhere besides Nassau and Paradise Island.  Save plus have an equal amount of fun.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant
McDonough, GA



12/21/2016 9:25pm

Wow. Thanks for sharing your experience at Grand Bahama Island and the Grand Lucayan. Well, I am really planning on visiting Bahamas and you got me there. I am about to go to Nassau or Paradise Island thanks to your post I've got other place to take a look. I hope I could enjoy my Bahamas escapade on the places that you have shared. I really love your post. I am looking forward for more advice in different places. Keep posting.

06/01/2017 11:51pm

Wow! When I saw the picture, I think worth to visit this place. Thank you for telling us your experience at Grand Bahama. I have seen in your post that you will enjoy your traveling in there. I wish I will visit it someday. Keep on blogging.

06/15/2017 8:42pm

thank yo

06/15/2017 8:43pm

nice blog


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