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Dynamic Dining On Royal Caribbean Quantum Class Ships

Have you cruised before?  

If so you are aware that there are several dining options onboard the cruise ship.  There is complimentary dining, allowing guests to eat in beautifully decorated dining rooms, buffet restaurant and at other eateries. 

There is also specialty dining, giving guests the opportunity to try a special cuisine on any given night in a less crowded venue.  This option comes with a cover charge.

Royal Caribbean’s Quantum Class of ships have changed the complimentary dining option that guests have had for years.

Here some things to note about this new and bold move by Royal Caribbean:

1. Previously, cruise guests chose early, late or anytime dining for one of two main dining rooms.  On the Quantum Class of ships, the 2 main dining rooms are replaced by 5 restaurants serving different cuisines.

2. All five restaurants are complimentary.

3. The 5 restaurants do not have special seating or fixed times for dinner.

4. The 5 restaurants have a kids’ menu.

5. One of the 5 restaurants requires formal wear each night for dinner.

6. Two of the 5 restaurants serve all 3 main meals, while three serve only dinner.

7. Guests can use a new reservation system to reserve seats for dinner.

8. Guests may visit a different restaurant each night.

Here’s a peek at the 5 restaurants:

1. The American Icon Grill – Serving American comfort dishes.

2.  CHIC Restaurant – Serving contemporary, exploratory and new dishes.

3.  The SILK Restaurant – Serving Asian cuisines – Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese…

4.  The GRANDE Restaurant (always formal) – Serving European delicacies.

5.  The Coastal Kitchen Restaurant – Serving Mediterranean and Californian dishes.

Friend, this leap by Royal Caribbean is sure to amaze cruise enthusiasts of all ages.  Look out for Royal’s first newest ships in the Quantum Class – Quantum of the Seas (now off to China) and Anthem of the Seas

By the way, look out for the newest ship, Harmony of the Seas!

Get with your Travel Agent to make reservations and prepare to be wowed at sea.

See you on the high seas!

Peter Grant

McDonough, GA



08/19/2015 9:12am

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08/19/2015 9:24am

Royal Caribbean International goes where few other cruise lines do, with their cruises to the exotic countries of South America. Each country along the way is like a world of its own, which is why Royal Caribbean International offers a wide range of "Cruisetours" so passengers can enjoy a taste of the country they are interested in before or after their cruise.

03/29/2016 3:43am

Their cruises will be goes to many country and areas such as Asia, Europe and of course they will spend their time in ports which scheduled in advance. I was see them in Indonesia Bali and they spend a couple hours for their guest to transit in some of area there. For sure all the guest will happy because it will another destination tourism to complete their holidays. :)


See you on the high seas too!


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