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Cost Of A 3-Day Cruise

If you have considered taking a cruise but have thought that the cost is too high, your best bet is to take a 3-day cruise.

Here is why I recommend a 3-day cruise for first-time cruisers:

1. The price is usually great; and,

2. You get an opportunity to test the waters – a manner of speaking – to see if cruising is for you.  Cruising is not for everyone, and a 3-day cruise gets you away from land long enough, but not too long.

So, what's the cost of a 3-day cruise?  The cost of your cruise will depend on a few things: when you cruise, which cruise line you sail with, and which ship.

If you book a 3-day cruise with Disney Cruise Line, you will pay a lot more than with Carnival Cruise Lines.  Depending on when you go, a 3-day Carnival cruise can cost you less than $300 per person.  If you have more than two people in the cabin, you will even pay less.

As usual, the best time to sail in during the fall or winter months.  You will always find 3-day cruises for less than $400 per person, if you sail during fall and winter, except near or around holidays.  

You may even get very lucky and find a deal for $200 per person.  Contact a Travel Agent and have him/her get you the best deal.

Note too that the bigger the cruise ship, the more the cruise package will cost.  Aim for smaller ships to begin your cruising adventure.

Go have fun!

Peter Grant



02/11/2016 10:52am

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Cruising sure sounds fun to me. And as I coast a lot so I think if it is for 3 days only than I can manage the amount. Moreover I think it is better to go out for few days. In this way you can get away from your worries of world as well.

10/27/2016 6:55am

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11/25/2016 3:31pm

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12/19/2016 11:10am

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06/15/2017 8:03pm

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