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Disney World Accommodation Options

If you are planning to visit Disney World in Orlando, Florida in the future, you have three accommodation options.  Each one has its own merits and disadvantages.

1. Disney Resorts – These offer the easiest access to the theme parks and save you from worrying about parking and the daily fees.  However, these properties tend to cost more than if you stay outside of Disney.

2. Hotels Near Disney World – There are many great hotels near the Disney theme parks where you can stay.  Work with a Travel Agent to find the best deals and amenities.  You definitely need to find a property that offers complimentary shuttle rides to the Disney parks.

Staying outside Disney may mean having to worry about parking and fees.  However, the hotel prices may be less.  Watch out for added fees such as a “resort fee.”

3. Vacation Rentals – Yes, you can find vacation rentals near Disney World Orlando.  These can work to your favor in that they may come with a kitchen allowing you to prepare some meals – breakfast or dinner and saving you some money.  The price for accommodations may even work out to be less than a hotel.

However, these vacation rentals may be located farther away than hotels.  This means driving longer distances and paying parking fees.

These are your three Disney World accommodation options.  Weigh the pros and cons and choose wisely.  Remember to get the assistance of your Travel Agent, as doing so could save you a lot of headaches.

Happy travels!

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08/23/2016 7:20pm

There is no place like Disney land and you can only know it if have been to this exciting place. People from all over the world like o see this place to have some exciting time.

09/03/2016 8:14pm

Disney world gives you the best fun zone and I had a great fun there. Before going there I have read your article and I would say this is much beneficial for me as I enjoyed a lot there.

09/28/2016 6:33am

There are inclinations and there are necessities particular to people and families that figure out if a specific decision is better over the other. I think the same is consistent with the Disney World Lodging alternatives too. For a few visitors the choice of staying at an on location property is more helpful, others think the off-site lodging options improve much get-away arrangements.If you would like to learn diving, visit us at

12/19/2016 11:09am

I was at Disney once with my little brother and I must say despite I was 18 it was really exciting and interesting!

06/15/2017 8:01pm

thank you


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