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Summer 2016 Vacation Plans - What Are Yours?

Our children have been on summer break now for almost two weeks.  Incredible!  

It seemed like just yesterday that they were so jubilant that summer was here and now two weeks have flown by.

For those of you in the northeast or elsewhere, school is still in.  But before long, your kids will also be out.

What are your summer 2016 vacation plans?

Yes, summer has arrived for us the South.  How about you?  How much longer to summer break do you have?  And, what plans do you have for your kids?

We normally take a week to get away during summer.  This year, that week will be at the end of June.  We will be flying to Montego Bay, Jamaica for an all-inclusive resort family getaway.

I must admit that I would prefer to be going on a cruise, but this year we will do something different.  If fact, we have already been on a cruise this year (sailed from New Orleans to Cozumel and Progreso in Mexico in February).

The trip to Jamaica promises to be great fun.  We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Resort, which is quite family-friendly and which recently underwent millions of dollars in renovations.  Twelve of us are making this trip and we hope to spend quite a bit of time on the beach, much time enjoying the Jamaican cuisine and we will take a day to check out one or two attractions in Montego Bay or Ocho Rios.

How are the plans going at your house?  What are some of the things you normally do?  If you have never tried a getaway – a cruise – for example, you should think about it.  

You can sometimes find last minute cruises at decent rates.

If not a cruise, I hope that you are planning something else.  Have you considered a beach trip?  How about an all-inclusive resort?  You may even do a hike somewhere or visit an amusement park.

With summer upon us, it is time to get some plans for the kids.  If you need help, I’ll be happy to assist.  You may reach me at

Whatever you do, I hope that you will make your summer 2016 vacation plans super.  

Go have fun!

Peter Grant
Petes Travel Center



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09/07/2016 3:12am

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