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Home-Schoolers Cruise In The Fall

It is no secret that thousands more families than ever before are home-schooling their children.

Homes-schooling offers great flexibility with schedules and therefore I contend that home-schoolers should cruise in the fall.

If your children are home-schooled, do not spend more money than you need to in order to cruise during the summer. Simply wait until most children are back in school and then take your family's inclusive cruise vacation.

Why do I recommend this? It is quite simple:

1. There are fewer people and children cruising in the fall;
2. The prices on fall cruises are much better than on summer sailings; and,
3. You have a better chance of getting on the cruise ship and with the cruise line you desire.

Use your flexibility in scheduling as your biggest advantage and plan your next family getaway. 

Who knows?  You may make your home-schooler cruise in the fall an annual family vacation.

Happy sailing!

Petes Travel Center



07/29/2016 8:46am

The idea of Home-Schoolers Cruise in the fall is so great for the kids to earn from it. A lot of people are not aware of these ideas and do not know about its benefit for the better education of their kids.

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11/04/2016 11:20am

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12/19/2016 8:23am

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