Magical Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is a dream destination for many families, and there are an incredible number of things to see and do at the park.

Meet the Characters

For many young children, the highlight of the trip is the chance to shake hands and pose for pictures with a favourite characters, like Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. There are often schedules around the park that tell you when Character Greetings  will be taking place. Also if you are staying in a Disney hotel, the characters are available at certain times too.

Something for Everyone

For some of the older kids, the main thing they will be interested in will be the rides. Walt Disney World has a wide range of rides for all ages. There’s the very tame rides such as “it’s a small world” and Dumbo The Flying Elephant. For those who like a bit more excitement you’re sure to have fun (and get wet) on Splash Mountain and for those thrill seekers who like a fright there’s, the aptly named, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™.

Many of the rides have height limitations, which means one adult may be left at the end of the line with the smallest child while the other adult takes the older children onto the ride.  Fortunately, on some rides in the park they have a policy in placed called Rider Switch. This policy keeps things fair by allowing the second adult, whose had to wait with the smaller children, to board the ride without having to queue again.

Start the day by arriving as soon as the park opens. Then, before the crowds arrive, hit the most popular rides.  In the afternoon, when the lines get long, abandon the rides for a little while, and hit the stage and theater shows. When evening arrives, be sure to catch the amazing firework finale.

After the evening fireworks, the crowds will start to thin.  If the youngsters are up to it, this is the perfect time to go hit some more rides. The queues will be much shorter.

Budget Tip

Many people, young and old, don a pair of Disney ears while at Walt Disney World. Be sure to check Etsy before you go. They sell a huge array of unique ears at a fraction of the onsite price.